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15 ways to manage day-to-day stress

The messages I share are powerful I have been told. 

I am open with you because how else are we to grow, but by sharing, listening and learning from each other and supporting each other, right?!

I have a friend, 10 years older than me and I wish she was more open about her challenges and what she did to overcome them. 

There were many times growing up that things would have been easier for me had I known how she figured things out and what type of support she got. 

I would ask, but never really got an open honest answer. 

Due to our upbringing, both cultural and family, discussing such things is looked down upon, seen as weak and sharing is frowned upon.

Clearly I no longer subscribe to that way of thinking. Even though I am rather private, I work really hard at opening up more and more, it’s not easy for me but I know how important it is. 

My goal is that what I share with you, my struggles, accomplishments both from personal experience and professional training help enrich your life and guide you to discovering and nurturing a deeper more meaningful connection with yourself like I have.

Imagine being able to tune in knowing exactly what to do when going through a challenging situation in order to remain grounded and be able to comfort yourself enough to see the next step?!

There is deep wisdom in your body. All you have to do is listen. 

I’m not referring to some "woo woo" thing here. Yes, I’m totally “woo woo” and proud. 

Start here.

What I am referring to is, pay 100% attention to your physical sensations. Start there. 

- When you feel hunger, fully feel it. Sit with it for a moment and notice all of it
- When there’s a little feeling of possibly wanting some fresh air, follow that inkling to go out for that walk in nature
- When feeling a bit tired, fully feel into it. Is it tired like go to bed early, lay in bed to fully rest a few days, quick nap tired...

Ask your body and see how it answers in feelings and sensations, it totally does, remain open and you’ll see too. 

Nurturing that awareness is so rewarding and so enlightening. What you discover is so empowering. 

Listen to your body now and let me know what you discover. I’d love to hear, let me know here.

With so much love,
Debbie Deupree

P.S. Do you have any questions around what I share above? Email me at debbie (at) debbiedeupree (dot) com I’m happy to answer your questions here via my blog post. You’ll totally remain anonymous. 

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