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original dragonfly painting by Debbie Deupree


1. Take 15 minutes. On your own, no interruptions. Write EVERYTHING (capitals for emphasis) that comes to mind. Start with naming what you are feeling, if it's hard to get started. I call this a brain pour!

Want to use a pretty worksheet for it? I made this one for myself and clients.

2. Create a quick mindfulness practice, something that will be super easy to do to get started.

In an 8-week study, a meditation style called “mindfulness meditation” reduced the inflammation response caused by stress (1).

- Use a meditation app for 2 minutes

- Take a walk around where you live (no technology) be aware of your breathing and each step you take (no judgement) just awarness (this will get you out of your head and into your body to start)
- When you sip your favorite morning tea etc. be fully aware of each sip. your lips touching the cup, the temperature of the tea, how it feels in your mouth, as you swallow. That is like a meditation in itself.

3. Read a book instead of jumping on your phone or tech device.

A 2009 study by the University of Sussex found that reading for just six minutes can actually reduce stress levels by up to 68 percent. (The Telegraph, March 2009)

I know that when feeling overwhlemed the last thing you want to do is do one more thing. I get it. So do what you regularly do in a way that you are being even more aware of how doing the thing feels in your body!

My hope is that the above sparks even more ideas for you to take action in feeling less overwhelemed.

In support of you,
Debbie Deupree

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